Select query from mysql with Python 3


But if the student choose to follow values of other people, isnt that then the bad faith?

Sir economics ke sare chapter ki videos upload krdo

Where’s Empire Earth? That game was one of the best too!

Yep. Just like Ford didn´t invent the automobile, McDonalds didn´t invent burgers, Microsoft didn´t invent operating systems and Intel didn´t invent computer chips.

Can anyone translate that Galifrean on the board?

I feel so relieved to find this video!

Lao Zi it´s pronounced ´Lao Zuh´ like grunting, sort of. It´s not hard, honestly.

Requiem is pronounced ‘Rek-wee-em’

White Guy : “he’s delievering emotions

Perfect teacher!!!!


Lance armstrong didn’t have an arm band with motivational words on it, he had veins full of drugs!

If u tried to sum up what he said u will struggle quickly

Thank goodness this sickness hasn’t made an impact across the pacific or atlantic yet…

Very interesting to see this and definitely saddening, one thing im curious about… would he be able to understand written notes? thanks

Si un litle inferno para miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Interesting there weren’t any questions specifically on anti-capitalism and only two pertaining to anti-statism. i’m sure there was a slew of em requested.

You know, while searching and reading all of these things about UBI, robots replacing us, our future in an utopia, i was trying to think of a way that didn’t made our lives meaningless in this possible utopia, and suddenly, a rang a bell (this’ll probably sound stupid, but it’s the only reasonable thing that i can think about know): probably, the best way to fight these meaningless lives would be to compete between ourselves.

My score 320 I’m nine and it says 9-16 in my opinion I have a mind of a bit of a child a tween and a bit of a teen so it’s right

Yet another awesome video. You saved my exam once again. You’re a life saver for science students like us. THanks a billion.


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