Setting Up Sublime Text 3 for Python Development [EASIEST WAY]


Stop reading and get writing! Seriously, you’ll feel better once it’s done and you know it. 🙂

I feel this deserves a part two & three. So many great MCs who need to be apart of this discussion. Modern, past, female,

Regarding time series vs cross sectional data, what would be the measure of association for each? is it prevalence for both of them?

What was the green revolution?

@Nate Reynolds jkk

No one likes u

Young Thug speaks desiigner language

In The Great Gatsby, I keep expecting Toby to change into Spiderman. 🙂

Martin shkreli is a fraud he grew up ok

This list appears to have been compiled by a bunch of illiterates who gain all their literary knowledge from Google searches and movie adaptions.

Crowding out = great. Story = fail + sucks. Please edit that shit out.

Carlos, I was a virgin in college, also. But I more than made up for it after commencement.


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