Setting Up Your Python 3 Environment (II)


Nagyszerű ember, le a kalappal előtte.

Davahzul, dragon tongue, skyrim, Bethesda name an entire language

I feel really bad about putting my hands behind my head now…

I’ve learned more from you than I learned from my three months classes

Thank u

You are a wise man and i love your videos but, we cant do anything, the goverment owns this and we cant do it, Im sorry

A linguist?! She seems to not have a clue. This linguist has no insights whatsoever. What a waste of an education, if that’s all she can elucidate after 2 years of study. Sad. If I spent 2 hours, I could come up with a more enlightening linguistic study of Trump’s use of language, and I’ve never studied linguistics; all it would take is a modicum of common sense (and a little data science). I’m embarrassed for her and for her professors.

I was dying a little on the inside. I was yelling “Use the Jump” for a solid thirty seconds

I love that no you have not part

Trump is so racist and childest

This looks even bigger then Planetary Annihilation!

In the words of xxx,…

A majority of these students will learn all this and become the biggest scamsters of the world. Instead of creating a just society, they will justify murders using the arguments provided in this class. Future Trumps and Clintons of the world!!!

To be honest, I always recommend your youtube channel to my friends who are preparing for IELTS. Thanks again

you’d probably be the caveman equivalent of Davy Crockett mixed with Macgyver.

Would realy like to hear that xD

Это кино должно быть переведено на все языки мира и показываться на уроках в школе для старшеклассников и тогда весь мир станет добрее.

You wouldn’t need any scripts, preparation, or in her case:

Thanks for the five tips


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