Sportster 48 Python 3 slip ons


I have been a grammar nazi for some years. I can now safely say that I am reformed. Somewhat.

Cool stuff, as i grow older, i see clearer than ever before. The internet is a big part of my development, lots of good stuff, keep looking, keep searching, corny but the truth is out there, all you have to do is take a walk and go find it. its are mission to do so. good Chanel, glad i found it.

Surely once either L or R, U or D has been mentioned, the opposite direction can not be because that would be counter-intuitive.

I was waiting for him to explode or punch someone in the face..

This video helped me get an 8/9 grade in my practise assessment๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

What’s with that stupid high pitch dog whistle noise in the video


Can anyone recommend essays writing service?

Seeing you not using JUMP and just manually setting the commands over and over really hurts me.

Thanks for the review. You look identical to mark cuban which makes this video even cooler

Does that technically make the backwards counting and ordering of Natural numbers an uncountable infinity? It is impossible to find a starting point as you can always add another number behind it, or does this not count? (pun intended :p)

Btw, the regular version saved money. Not the alpha. The alpha was supposed to be expensive, as they had no idea they would get that much support. Changing the price would be a dick move to backers who bought the alpha, which definitely would not reward them in any way.

I don’t have coursework now ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Not even honorable mention for Ground Control or World in Conflict? whaaaaaaat…


Thanks! You really broke it down

That’s all the little-known books i got right now that I’ve read

Total War: Shogun 2 / Shogun

Thank you for sharing.

I have an awesome solution, here it is: So, on one side we have laissez faire enthusiasts who say taxes are coercive in nature, and thus immoral. These same people say free-market capitalism leads to a better standard of living over the long-run. On the other end, we have those who believe in active government intervention. These people say we should help the poor. We should pay taxes because the more we contribute to society, the better the poor will be in the short-run, and the better we will be in the long run. But, what if there was a way for the government to help the poor, while at the same time providing free services and not taxing people? There is a solution: state owned enterprises. Now, I’m not saying governments should execute their SEO’s like other countries do. They should not hold a legal monopoly, but rather, be engaged in competition like other private companies. This will give an incentive for these SEO’s to actually provide good services and products, while at the same time, distributing their profits to the population. Each month, or whichever recurring time, every citizen will receive a check. That check can be used on whatever they wish. There will be no public schools, but private schools. People will be able to use their checks to pay for school or hospitals, etc. Now, who will build the roads? Simple: the people. When everyone receives a Citizen’s dividend, they will be more reach, because they will be more productive. As such, they may invest in companies that will build roads. After all, building roads is incredibly expensive. Therefore, such companies will sell stocks to get enough money to start those big projects. Since everyone will be using roads, it will be profitable, and as such, more dividends. Tah DAH! Oh, and the only thing that I believe won’t be for-profit will be the military, police, and courts.


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