String Concatenation In Python 3


Effective videos for MBA studenta

we study for scoring MARKS. :p

Awesome video!

Actually, no. It was caused by warring nations “temporarily” going off the gold standard, inflating their money markets, & then wanting to return to the pre-war exchange rate for gold when going back on the standard, causing the money supply to halve overnight & horrendous deflation, which led to the collapse of major banks. The stock market crash was a symptom, an after affect of bad gov monetary policy.

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Should have stopped at 01:50.

I made it 47 seconds into this video and the host is so annoying I had to stop watching.

3) Cursive

There are scientific studies that prove men’s brains and women’s brains are different. There is not a single scientific proof that they are they same; you believe that because you want to and for no other reason.

I have no idea how long it took to get that strawberry catch-n-crunch right, but I tell you IT WAS WORTH IT.

This stuff ought to run as PSA’s.

Lol I remember the building at 1:37

Can’t use I in essays

Ablative is my favourite

My language is Arabic. So, what do u think Paul :)) ?

My score was 390 4-9 squad!!!!!!

Poco stereotipato

And yes it is quite useless to be both a finnish and welsh speaker. Thank god I have english!

Chomsky: The working class, the rising working class, had its own institutions of education and culture, which was significant; a lot of that has been destroyed – in all kinds of ways. Google doesn’t help.

She is making excuses for him… He is stupid and a liar Go back to school lady

It does not matter whether someone thinks that he is a man, a woman or a conglomeration of 20 different anthropomorphic cartoon characters, I still have the right to only care about his biological sex.

In my opinion it is good.

I really enjoyed watching it. I like his way of describing ideas, and the sense of humor he has. I watched it for 2 times. Thanks for the uploading


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