Super Intermediate Python 3


Damn so many add also freaking can’t skip even one

This is the truth.

Excellent video! I studied rhyme schemes in an advanced poetry class, English 290-V, and we went over some of the techniques you just shared. Perhaps, you should’ve attended one of the lectures and school the professor when he started talking trash about Eminem. The professor only wanted to accentuate the brilliance of Shakespeare and other boringass, archaic poets by force feeding their crap down our throats.

Didn’t knew ted ed talks could be stupid too

My handwriting changes according to my mood

Xhosa has pretty much all these sounds, I’d maybe exclude the last one.

God bless you for radical and easy tips to write essay.

Homie’s trippin not to give props to that Phoenix motif

The goverment is just telling us lies and bullshit


Lol had to watch this for school

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

I’m a big fan of chomsky and hate trump but trump also won even tho being out spent two to one. He did have the benefit of over a billion dollars in press coverage tho

Oh man, I legitimately am looking forward to studying Zoroastrian myths.

Hello sir


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