Terraria 1.3.3 Let’s Play | A MASSIVE New Series! | Python’s Realm [Episode 1]


Super helpful

I love this guy.

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Denmark has been empathic with the world for years. We are one of the biggest contributers to 3. third world countries. Social libelism is a step in that direction.

– Please tell if this is correct as my paraphrase. My concern is that i am getting 9 in all three segments, but i am getting 6.5 in writing. twice. so somewhere i am going wrong. can you please just let me know about paraphrase. My first mistake, was that i was too confident, so i never saw writing styles, and just went ahead with exams. now for the first time, i am seeing that i am supposed to paraphrase. so please check in let me know, if its not too much of a bother. thanks

“It’s completely confidential”

Young thug: huninsncjdnsnsjdndjsjdnfjxjdjddjd


Excuse the tangent, if you will, but the thing about atheism is that it requires faith. Atheists state an absolute without proof as fervently as theists state the opposite absolute. I once was an atheist, but I realized that no one knows one way or the other. No one has proof. Every single person that ever lived could be completely off the mark when it comes to their beliefs. Eventually, I discovered a philosophy that closely matched my own thinking. I now consider myself an Absurdist.

So much fucking edge in the comments. Why don’t you all go live in the mountains like a hobo? It’ll be a profit in humanity and a rise in the average IQ of all.


So to sum it all up just be real with others and don’t talk s***

Im all of these cuz my handwriting just changes everyday and i sometimes write cursive

Love this!

What is the name of the song at 1:45?


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