TextLand: new textual user interface in Python 3 with ncurses from Canonical


Sorry, I just really like that song 😂

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Fuck Iran.

Backing to support it, and is largely propagated by lies and deceit and

Thanks, excellent explanation

This is Dennis from Always Sunny

First 2 questions is i think my conscience would kick in… first one was similar

She is using I-statements…

Shes the first one to do this even BETTER than almost ALL democrats, so many are masters of this. Chubby should shut the f up and sit down.

Why there’s no example on the in text online citations? I really needed this!

This woman is an expert at what? He doesn’t speak like average Joe. He speaks like that guy who’s full of shite and everyone can tell it. Yeah. That guy. Not average at all.


Looks like colin firth in pride and prejudice

This is amazing, Thank you for making it.

Yess go to holland!! Love living here and it is beautiful. My country is the best!! Haha

GDP gnp formula mistake


Principle #3 twice Learns languages fast but not numbers. Just joking but he did have two 3’s

I am watching this so I can write fan fiction


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