The Basics – Python 3: Taking Integer and Float Inputs


Thank you for your videos! I’m a visual learner who made the mistake of taking an online Macroeconomics class. Your energy level, sense of humor, and clear descriptions are so helpful to me. I’ve subscribed and will continue to watch your channel as I go through my class. Thank you thank you thank you!

I would like to say that If we read any novel of U. S. Then We get the writers are using contractions in their writing… So Can you please give me some tips to how to start writing a novel and what are the ways to show your novel more sensible..


“Fortune favours the bold.” – Virgil

Thank you. This is very inspiring.

Entertaining animation, I’m just wondering when we get to the elitist corruption part?

Y’know what we need? “The Philosophy of Hotline Miami”.

I got a good laugh and then it became my nightmare. No wait it got funny again 🤣

Yes, but there are a lot of jobs that absolutely need a human doing them. Like doctors, dentists, actors and authors and so many more. Otherwise I completely agree with you.

I prefer them explain her interview tricks with the mathematical formulas used in the thumbnail


Having studied all your videos and purchased the Ultimate Review packet (it’s worth it), I know you could use Microeconomics to explain the strategies of fundraising!

Whats yours for working for a murderer

Because of our desire to minimize the amount of harm and because we want to reduce or in this case, eliminate any unnecessary harm, it follows that the solution is to divert the train towards the one worker, as opposed to needlessly pushing the fat man onto the bridge.

Xhosa has pretty much all these sounds, I’d maybe exclude the last one.

How come Sins of The Solar Empire didn’t make into the list? Bummer.

Although… I thought everyone knew that English as we know it today started out as a creole? Right? I mean, even if they don’t think about the merging of the Germanic dialects and the influence from Celtic languages, surely they realise that middle and modern English was basically a creole of a Germanic (Low German Anglo-Saxon) language and a Romance (Norman French) one? That’s why our grammar is so simple while our vocabulary is so vast – creoles have simple grammar because they’re a mixture not originally spoken by either group as the first language, while they have influence of vocab from many sources.

D. C. is way fucking uglier


It’s worth noting that what’s really going on here is not a one dimensional spectrum but really a complicated mish-mash of different systems. Just to keep things simple, Denmark for instance is very socialist when it comes to the video’s question number 3, who gets the resources with it’s extensive transfer payments. However, Denmark is notably much more free market when it comes to who produces goods and how they produce them. China actually is still rather socialist when it comes to production and how production is done (government owned companies are still a very large, though decreasing, sector of the economy), but fairly laissez-faire when it comes to who gets resources (thus China’s high and growing inequality).


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