Time Module – Python 3


Islam is believing in ( God ) and His last prophet Muhammad.

I’ve been predicting the AI economic collapse to happen around the 2030 since 2010.

Can someone please explain to me why the slope is – Px/Py but when you put in the actual numbers its the opposite? Like say you have (4,0) and (0,8) so the slope would be -2 but – Px/Py would make it -1/2 i’m so confused????

He’s got all that yet can’t afford a tailored suit? Something doesn’t add up…scam?

My list:

Jack looked soooo different

So, why universal healthcare is centralized and public education isn’t? Who wants to buy an iPhone if you can’t pay your quimio?

Oh never mind i thought you were correcting me : )

His last words before he died were to his caretaker. “You be good. I love you”.

But what if we’re the universe….

1. can I use bullets to give some facts or statistical data?

So is it possible..? what is your ideas..?


What? A critique to utilitarianism without Robert Nozick thought experiment?

We could attempt this, but i’m assuming there’s always going to be come kind of conflict, whether over resources or religion, or anything else

Ukranian is older than Polish, lol

These “deep thinking rick and morty philosophy” videos are gay as fuck


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