Tulip: Async I/O for Python 3


Spice girls are writing in sonnet form aka a poem

Feminism has been coasting on our collective misconceptions about men and women for years. Feminism is like religion.

I wonder will the game be sold in physical copies and will it be avaliable in Europe.

Just because we are not 100% certain what the mechanisms of gravity are, does not change the fact we can quantify the mechanism, mathematically predict it’s effects, and continue to study it.

U really doing a great job…..thank u very much sir

How the fuck are you saying requiem? 😀

The video didn’t even touch on the alienation of the worker and its subsequent problems via specialization and division of labor. In fact, it said this division of labor is actually good.

Me: (;ರ_ರ)

She can’t be a linguist & in no way is trump your average joe off the road. He’s a toddler that will not let anyone play in his sand box

Slow down and use pictures for greater effect. otherwise thank you for the hard work.

Buzz look an alien!

Since I’ve studied chemistry a few years myself, I see your point, it’s not really a riddle.

Thanku sir

Bless your soul Mr. Clifford

I just like to point out that Rick & Morty actually shows that everyone does exist on purpose & for a reason as in the ep “the ricks must be crazy” we find out that Rick built a mini-universe that powers his car & the mini-universes people are there for the reason that he needed them to make the power for his car & a scientist in that universe also made a smaller universe for the same reason & a scientist in that universe was about to do the same. Now by this we see that because Rick knows his universe was created for the entertainment of us in this universe but like in the universe he created those people can’t get out of that universe to his universe he can’t get out of his universe to ours which also implies that our universe was created by someone else for a reason & that they like rick with his universe have the power to observe us & destroy us. So even though morty says “no one exists on purpose, no one belongs anywhere” the only thing true that he says here is “everybody is gunna die” because the show shows us that the universe goes infinitely down into smallness & posibly up in to infininty bigger outer universes in which we our selves where created for a reason. Morty thinks what he says is the truth even though it’s not because he’s to dumb to understand like Rick is, who constantly breaks the fourth wall because he understands this fact, & knows that those who created are watching & have the power to destroy his universe (the show) when it stop being useful anymore like he would have done if the car battery hadn’t worked at the end of the episode. Our universe the show tells us could also be destroyed by a being outside of our own universe that created us for a reason & if we stop fullfilling that reason there is no longer a reason for this universe to exist anymore. Wow I’m really getting into some deep stuff here.

I’m just a guy waiting for the year a rapper will win a Noble Prize in literature.

Also, for movies In Bruge


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