Tutorial de Python 3 en Español # 2 – Primer Programa


For our children!

This episode was MUCH more interesting than all those episodes summarizing the mythological canons of various cultures. They all just kind of blended together.

Edit: add timestamp

Human species needs this kind of masterpiece…some of the comment give you a notion as to why?

What happened to Jack?!


Good video i have learnt something!

Thanks Emma, maybe this is an advanced topic but is useful when I reach a great level in english

I love you, your videos are amazing 💖

F0451235 盧致叡

If, as he says, all humans have the same mirror neurons, then how come all humans aren’t equally empathetic? Does it have to do with this oppression he mentions?

I love your channel, I’m a big fan of what you do, and I’m not saying you took a completely invalid angle, or that you couldn’t have made a valid point, but it appears to me that you just made the argument that if someone feels differently from you, they’re probably not really feeling enough, and should take some time to feel more.

I watched this whole video and have no clue what he’s talking about with the sphere

Goddammit I love Bernie Sanders so much

To the 12 tribes scattered amongst the national: Greetings.

I think it depends who you talk to.

Trump is a master persuader

And fyi if you hate social justice warriors you’re an asshole. Think about what that means. These people are fighting for social justice. That’s pretty amazing. You might not agree with them, they might be right about the issue but wrong about the particulars, but they are fighting for what they think is right. And if you live a democracy and you have the right to vote, you owe a social justice warrior a thanks. So if you are a male member of nobility then you were happy as a clam before the damned SJWs showed up forcing you give people civil rights and pay them fairly, but for everyone else you have a SJW to thank for your current empowerment, empowerment you are now using to keep other people down. That makes you a massive asshole.

Thank you again for these lectures

Thanks Mr. Clifford


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