Unicode is ∂© in python 2, but better in python 3 #MP46


What do YOU prefer?

― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife

Fan service.

This is stupid

So basically the entire world needs Jesus.

Thanks, got it!

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I’m from northern Germany. I understand Dutch far better than the German spoken in southern Bavaria and the other German-speaking countries – probably due to my exposure to Low German.

PRIYA T: Not a problem :’) glad you think it helped!! I’ve just sent them to you – good luck in all of your exams 😀

Where is the Wikipedia link?

I’ve only recently started reading about Buddhism but have felt a sense of peace ever since

Thank you very much, sir! Although, for me an essay is a bit different because I am only in grade eleven, this was very informative and helpful. I wish to soon major in English and can’t wait! Thanks again. I will be glad to come back and watch some more of your videos.

Why don’t you do it if it can be better

Sir/mam namste,

Why does he start to sound like a pirate at the end

I’ve always suspected that our scientific thought crops out as an evolution of a speculative line starting from the Greeks and including the phylosphical contribution of the so called Christian/ scholastic reflection. A contribution in a dialectic sense, moving on through thesis, antithesis, synthesis : Without scholastic theology there wouldn’t been Duns Scoto, without Duns Scoto no Ockham and no modern science.

The captures are wonderful!!!

Y’all are all talking about studying it’s July no school I’m listening to this bc I like Beethoven

What’s the argument here? That women don’t take jobs in the stem field because of men? That the result of this statistical evidence is because of a patriarchal oppression? If so, I don’t see these arguments having much of a leg to stand on all I see is a non sequitur. Simply because I don’t assume men are being oppressed if there are less men working in a specific field relative to women.


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