UPDATE and DELETE – SQLite3 with Python 3 part 5


Creation of fake hindu gods, injection of poison into vedas like “Horse sacrifice” (which was actually done by the warriors) , vulgar lines – all done by the British looters/evangelists.

Thats a pity.

2017 and we still A OK

Love it!!!

Lmao when you pointed and thanked us for watching i also pointed and said that you are the greatest

More of these

Al Jazeera, also known as JSC, is a Doha-based state-funded broadcaster owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, which is partly funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar. You forgot to mention that propaganda tends to focus on elaborate accounts of the evils committed by the “enemy” while downplaying or denying those same evils in their own society.

I’m ashamed of being an economics major.

@twinklybird I disagree. Though is true that language only originated to communicate, i think now it can be used for another purpose. As Nietzche wrote, reasoning is enhanced by our manipulation of language. We fuse images with words in order to create trains of thought, that not necessarly have the purpose to convey a message it may be just a thought you need for yourself. Mmm now that i think about it, it can be interpreted as messeging oneself hohoho :S

“There’s no Cosmic Justice, No Fairness, No Order, No Rules.”

It’s Persian, Sufi music and words.

I did it twice and i am 16-21 and 55+

Surprised…how knowledge is not significant but an ENGLISH word is…more often when the complex of not knowing a language is there within, ppl laugh at others…not for anyone specific….

This explanation with the TV’s doesn’t cover the companies who go, “well, by moving our jobs to China, we can continue to sell the product at the prices people have been paying and then pocket the money we’ve saved on wages and healthcare! Huzzah!”

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