Using Functions in Python 3: Passing Local and Global Variables. Create a PIN Number


I love your style.

Who thinks he deserves a nobel?

Bawię się z wielorybem. – I play with a whale.

I’ll recomend going by steps, don’t read the classics at the begining, read some introductions to philosophy or books about the history of philosophy (if you go to the philosophy section in a library you must find one).

A full complete thought! How rare.

He destroyed nothing:

SC2 instead of original StarCraft?



Though not as severe, using teaching methods created in the lifetime of a students great grand parents is like walking into the room and teaching a math lesson in Shakespearean English. It makes learning unnecessarily harder.

The real injustice isn’t that batman won’t kill the joker, its that the legal system won’t, think about it no matter what he does, no matter how many times he breaks out, they never give him the chair.

Slow down buddy…

These are great revision notes! I have just started AS Economics and as with the case with everyone else, can you send these via e-mail? If so, then my e-mail address is ykpbook@gmail. com. Thanks!

“You just saw a Planet get blown up! Throw money at this game! Throw money at this game right now!”

Further proof that Hoffman was the best actor of his generation. And Meryl, of course.

If there are infinite points on the sphere’s surface, say you’re using points the size of atoms. Then, a sphere’s surface contains the same amount of atoms as a smaller or larger sphere. This also implies that if you take a sphere (with infinite atoms) and put it in a cube, that means you just made it infinitely large. And if you take it out, the object is now infinitely small.


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