Using repl. it with Python 3


A talking fetus wtf?


Nice…m just love it

Very usefull video helped me alot.

“I believed I was Jesus at the time, you know. But I couldn’t tell people that, because then I wouldn’t have been Jesus, you know”

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I speak English, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashtu and some Arabic. I think speaking different languages gives one better understanding towards other people. Learning a language early is the key.

This is epic! It should be viral!

Good presentation! her voice tone easy to understand

About to start a literature review now. This video is amazingly helpful

O indivĂ­duo influencia o coletivo.

Many thanks Liz for the spectacular explanation

Produce 66 planes and 528 shoes, which buys you 132 planes, and you are still back at the 200 planes…

This is a question.


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