Victor Stinner Optimizations which made Python 3 6 faster than Python 3 5 PyCon 2017


@skullja1 he was truly a great man

Am i the only one who got scared of the paranormal activity scene while knowing exactly what was gonna happen? anyone? anyone? okay..

I like The Settlers, Rise of Nations, Battle Realms, Any from C&C series, LOTR, Age of Empires series, Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon. actually any of Real Time Strategy game I came across. just came here to find another game to play. 😂

This is an absolutely fun-looking game! 🙂 I’m going to have to look into it since I love programming and this is also a great way to TEACH programming to kids! Thanks for sharing, Generikb! 😀

In your first analysis, at the end, do you need to explain what x efficiency and productively efficiency are. Because you just mention it rather than explain it.


Nice Video, Very Helpful..

Animal Farm by George Orwell, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding should have been on there.

When we changed the scenario in the cannibalism situation to where it was a form of consent, if that was the case then by definition it would no longer be murder and would then be assisted suicide. Therefore, they legally shouldn’t be tried for murder. In this case, if we were to change the story, because of the consent, I feel, the act in question would be morally justified.

Not French and not US.

One of Nietzsche’s “four big errors’:

Please could you do an essay on how to compare two poems on a single theme or idea, when they both present it in very different ways? Thanks, love you!

That need views

Warcraft 2 was way better than Warcraft 3.

Hermann Hesse!

Following your instructions will make my report a jujubee, easy to digest and finish very quickly.


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