Why you should learn Python Programming


Or behind the window.

An INCREDIBLY lucid expression of the ordeal it takes you through, every day. So true! You see hope emerge and relapse, and emerge and relapse, over and over, and every time it does, it gets weaker, and as you realize this, you hope that the hope doesn’t just die one day. At a point of time the thought that maybe if I endured it for another year I would make it through, does cross the mind, and strengthens hope, and so, is wishful thinking, but helps. From someone who has been through the mind numbing experience and reaching out to the millions of other sufferers, it should be a rather supportive comment for such tiny thoughts which maybe wishful but help survive the day, help keep the hope alive.

Orange is the new black πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜ΆπŸ™ƒ

The topic was easy but what should we do when the topic is difficult and u have no ideas so that time what is the best approach

Same reason you have subscribers, THE HIPSTERS, HIPSTERS EVERYWHERE! lol, anyway your channel is bigger than Every day a painting now, congrats!

Austronesian languages like Tagalog or Cebuano don’t have grammatical cases but instead, they have agglutinative cases where nouns, adjectives, or verbs are affixed.

7513 sheeps can’t accept the cold hard truth of their pathetic existence in the deep fog.

Delicious eyeholes

Aoa mn isi tarah paper attempt kia mgr sir n kaha aisy nhi krna lines skip nhi krni ab btain kia kron help mn paper sir p hn

Increible la VOS DE ESTE TIPO

As you may know, though, then, unconventional use is how many (if not all) words we enjoy today have come into being.. by using a word in one way or another, we are casting a vote that the vote-tallying lexicographers may pore over to compile their usage research.. And as you may now, man-logic and woman-logic are often in wild disagreement ;-D

No wonder ppl say money is the root of all evil we kill plants for something we don’t really need, money

Its sad when this is true…

So, what these two trying to conclude other than trying to prove mismodeling of Indo European language family?

And Dddger by Terry Pratchett – one of his last novels and still great

Hey there my friend, thank you so much for your videos. They are really good for beginners to understand basic stuff. I want to ask about the the average formula you are using for elasticity. You explained that your are doing this in order to have the same result for A->B & B->A. But, doesn’t matter that result is different number when you use the average formula and the “original” one? Or, is about elastic or inelastic and number doesn’t really count. For example, from A->B E=2, so it is >1.

2:12 It’s not his voice

I have done this video to be useful

The comedic genius of Crash-and-Burn Course strikes again! Please, have mercy on us in the future and go easy on your jokes, otherwise I may die of laughter (wink wink…)

I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

The queer narratives are trickling down from academia into pop-culture and society anyway,


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