Working With JSON In Python 3


Thanks sir

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The beginning of this video. Turnip for what

In that case no one is guilty of murder, maybe greed but not murder.

What a lovely brother and sister relationship

Forest’s have closed carbon cycles and large cities don’t because they have no trees. large cities don’t have the closed carbon cycles so the carbon dioxide flies around the planet rarely contacting trees.

OMG Robbie William

We can say that post-colonial is the desire for culture self determination

.-. awesome lecture though

It’s not as if they put the Shakespeare piece with the poems, no, they put it with 19th century texts -_________-

The truth is, anthropologists never significantly reported, until recently, gay identities in other cultures.

What kind of fuck dislikes this?

This video is incorrect in so many ways, but I think that me complaining about it is useless, since 2/3 of people who watched this agree

Thanks mam for the easy definition

Also it is spelled like this


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