Zaal3 Sylvain Viollon – Tornado and IO in Python 3


One teacher says use hook, other says do not, I am not sure whether I should use it or not

-If it’s 0, then we get a contradiction because by our method, there should be a 1 here then

Thank You

It’s despicable that a so called man of God, an Indian priest, supports such discrimination..what a loud of bull..I don’t a believe any “God” would accept such discrimination..this is mans way of controlling the masses. India will never improve and it’s true they are still one of many ” racist” countries, but ironically racist to their own people.


Rick and Morty. more of it. more and more and more and morty and more of it

I voted for Trump, Volunteer at my local church feeding homeless vets and passing out clothes. I am a member of a church and I enjoy sculpting wood.. I also know that the history of philosophy was invaded by marxism along with our schools because once you hold power there you can often sway public thought… Lucky for us, the US is a majority Christian nation who leans center right thus the power swung to Trump because Obama took it too far left and showed America what south America, Cuba and other commie nations know… It does not work.

You’re the direct object because you’re being hit, or ‘verbed’.


Got My Exam on Monday!!

Every time i watch your videos – im so amazed. wish we had you in South Africa.

Removed and re-uploaded? For those of us who watched the first version, what part was changed so we can re-watch more specifically?


Omg. The Scorpio races one….the first day of November! that’s my birthday!

My god this is everything I’ve wanted people to realise

I freaking love Nando de Freitas! His talks and lectures are always great!

Faith based on understanding is the true key to freedom – blind faith is useless. The first bump in the road it’s gone.


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